Language quiz

Official languages

1. Which one is not an official EU language?

2. Which one is an official EU language?

3. How many official language does the European Union have?

4. Which one is an official EU language?

Minority languages

5. Where are Upper and Lower Sorbian spoken?

6. Where are the Sami languages spoken?

7. Where is Mingrelian spoken?

8. Where is Galician spoken?


9. If you speak only Slovak, which other language is the easiest to understand?

10. What languages family does Hungarian belong to?

11. Which of the following pairs are two names for the same language?

12. What is the most spoken constructed language?

13. Which language does not belong to the same family as the other?

14. How many languages are estimated to be indigenous to Europe?

15. Which language is written from right to left?

16. Which of the following is a Romance language?

17. Which is the only European language that always places the family name first and the given name second?

18. In which European language does a woman’s surname indicate her marital status?

19. What are the Baltic languages?

20. What is one of the few European languages that have dual?

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