Language quiz

Official languages

1. Which one is an official EU language?

2. Which one of these alphabets is not used by any official EU language?

Minority languages

3. Where are the Sami languages spoken?

4. Where is Galician spoken?

5. Where is Mirandese spoken?

Recognize the language

6. What language is this text written in?
Фонологията изучава организацията и употребата на звуковете в естествените езици. Фонологичната система на един език включва описание на звуковете и техните характеристики, а също и правилата, които определят как звуковете си взаимодействат.

7. What language is this text written in?
Etümoloogia on sõnade päritolu, algupära uurimisega tegelev keeleteaduse haru, ta vaatleb sõnade päritolu ja nende sugulussuhteid teiste sama keele või teiste keelte sõnadega.

8. What language is this text written in?
Semantik er en gren af lingvistik, som beskæftiger sig med betydning. I tværsproglig semantik sammenligner og kontrasterer man betydningsenheder i forskellige sprog.

9. Which text is written in Croatian?

10. Which language uses the following special characters?

Country names

11. Which country is called “Crna Gora” in its own language?

12. Which of the following is not a name for Austria?

City names

13. In which country can you find the city whose names in other languages are the following?
Kodaň, Hafnia, Kaupmannahöfn

14. Which one is not a name (current or historical) of Slovakia's capital city?


15. Which of the following translations does not mean “Cheers”?

16. Which of the following translations means “Happy New Year”?


17. What languages family does Hungarian belong to?

18. What is the most spoken constructed language?

19. Which Slavic language does not have cases?

20. What is the Slovak language called in Slovak?

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